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We've got enormous news! Pub Story events have been held in 12 different cities in Turkey. Ten thousands of people experienced a new way of socializing. We have received hundreds of great comments and been called 'the city's most social and fun event'.

And now we are opening up the gates! Everybody can organize their own Pub Story evening. And it's free for groups up to 30!

You can arrange your own special birthday party and have the most extraordinary one so far! Or throw a house party where you and your friends can create unique memories whilst playing Pub Story. You can also organize a Pub Story to introduce the members of your community to each other in a fun and easygoing way.


Pub Story is the world's most social and fun bar game. Thousands of people got involved in this unique social experience.

To share such an experience with your friends, your friends' friends and their friends at a party full of joy and laughter!

How does this sound? All birthday, dinner or house parties was alike! Until now! Show your difference. Be part of something amazing.

Sold out events in a row! That's what comes to minds of venue owners we've recently collaborated with. You can create an extraordinary experience for your customers and host the newest and most innovative entertainment concept at your venue. You'll watch them have the fun of their lives and say to yourself 'We did great!'.

Fill out the form to bring the Pub Story experience to your place. We'll contact you afterwards to inform you about our collaboration models and Pub Story experiences depending on the capacity, location and atmosphere of venues.

Companies, university communities, digital communities, associations... any wonderful institution which brings people together with any kind of purpose. We are very familiar with your problem.

'Let's do something different for our community!'

Well, how about Pub Story? An innovative and one of a kind entertainment concept wants to throw unique and social parties with you! Create a wonderful evening with Pub Story to introduce new people to your community or to make people know each other better. You can also organize an evening to earn income and then use it for your common purpose.