All About Us

This is the best party that I've ever been to
Look! Everything's spinning
Never cheer before you know who's winning
Let me introduce you to someone before the party is done
This is the best party I've ever been to

Faith No More | King For A Day

Our Story

Our story has begun long before Pub Story. As young and enthusiastic social beings living in Istanbul, we went out with friends regularly, partied, socialized and met new people, made friends, girlfriends, boyfriends or found our new travel buddies.

Everything seemed quite usual. At first. After a while we started noticing that something was really off in the city's social scene. Even though everyone enjoys meeting other people, they seem to avoid the actual experience. People hardly start a conversation with a total stranger. They all have excuses one way or another.

But why? Isn't it profoundly more enjoyable to let somebody new to your life?

So we set out to replace this common and nerving behavioural patterns with a playful attitude. Our name implies everything we intent to do: create stories in pub settings. That's the sheer simplicity behind everything. We want to create evenings to be remembered dearly even after years have passed.

We know that many good stories begin with meeting that person who is just so much fun to be around just by being somebody newly introduced to your life. People are utterly surprising!

The co-founders and designers have been working together before Pub Story. They organised, created and executed many game integrated events called 'Bar Games' with an amazing team. After countless amazing and successful nights the duo has decided it was time to take matters into a more serious place and Pub Story was born.

Behind all the glory and fun there is a backstage where all you see is made possible. Pub Story is created by Planet Caravan, an event design and organisation company based in Istanbul. We make you meet new people and create stories you can tell afterwards.

How Does It All Work?

Our hosts find the perfect location

Our hosts find the perfect location

Pub Story has local hosts all around. They find the right location for our events, represent their city's unique existence in the Pub Story community and help the team at the base camp remotely to create something amazing.

Our team designs the perfect game and experience

Our team designs the perfect game and experience

It's all about the experience. We work hard to create advanced game designs and memorable experiences.

Join us and enjoy the awesomeness

Join us and enjoy the awesomeness

All you have to do is grab a ticket and come to a Pub Story event. You'll have great stories to tell. Guaranteed.