The World's Most Social Game

Play Pub Story anytime, anywhere, in every social setting! Choose and create a game, invite your friends. Immerse yourself in the fun of it all.


Imagine All The People

Through our interactive mobile game app we create unforgettable offline memories of joy, friendship, and love. Bringing people together is our passion.

Game Decks For Every Party

Download the app and browse our games to choose the perfect one for your next party! To see our latest games, download the app.

The Experience

 Pick Up the Social Call

Pick Up
the Social Call

Brrring, brrring! Yep. It's your social life calling to ask for some changes. But no worries, we've got you covered. The Pub Story app is everything! It is fun, daring, social and free! Sounds like heaven, isn't it? Yes it is.

 A Custom Designed Game to Entertain Them All

Simple Gameplay

To start playing, choose a game among many game decks. You'll need some kind of a person with you. A friend, a lover, a foe, a Kardashian? Start playing with that person. They'll need to download the app as well.

 A New and Extraordinary Way of Fun

Unique, Social & Online-for-Offline

The Pub Story game experience is something else. We pave the way to unforgettable offline memories and conversations with a digital presence. The game is also a great way to separate your lovers from the haters.

Games To Entertain Them All

You need it? We've got it! For your dinner parties, brunches, game nights, girls or boys night outs', small or large get togethers with close friends or friend's friends or even complete strangers! Add some major fun into your every social plan. Inside or outside. In any weather.

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Ask us anything! For all kinds of questions and inquiries get in touch with us at [email protected]