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Imagine All The People

Pub Story is an original event series. We are bringing people together at a pub with a custom designed game. The game is only playable through meeting new people.

The Experience

 Pick Up the Social Call

Pick Up
the Social Call

Mark the date on your calendar. Join us at a Pub Story event. It'll be great, we promise. You are going to meet lots of new people. Socialise, mingle, talk, laugh...

 A Custom Designed Game to Entertain Them All

A Custom Designed Game to
Entertain Them All

Who doesn't love a good game? They are magical. A break from the monotonous life. Our games are designed to be interactive, playable only through meeting new people.

 A New and Extraordinary Way of Fun

A New and Extraordinary
Way of Fun

Prepare yourself for an evening to remember. We are serious. You'll have so much fun!

How It Works

We are an Istanbul based event company with a twist! Apart from the expertise on everything related to event organisation and management we love to design games and create unique events. Pub Story can take place anywhere in the world. We are working together with hosts from all around, who are sharing their unique insights about their city, helping us bring Pub Story to their location and bring extraordinary people together in a perfect setting.

Contact Us

Ask us anything! For all kinds of questions and inquiries get in touch with us at [email protected]