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Pub Story Special Event | Zaytung Zone Ankara

Pub Story Special Event | Zaytung Zone Ankara

23 Oca 2019, Çar @ 21:00
Zaytung Zone | Ankara
50.00 TRY Hurry up! Tickets are going fast! 😉

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Pub Story is proud to announce a new Ankara event in English: Come Together!

This experience is much more than simply having fun. You can have a good time doing the same thing every night. Drinking with your friends, endless scrolling through Instagram… But this kind of fun is about something else. It’s an adventure.
Teaming up with the Zaytung Zone, Pub Story is now bringing the internationals of Ankara together. Mark the date on your calendar. Join us at the Pub Story event. It'll be great, we promise. You are going to meet lots of new people. Socialise, mingle, talk, laugh... 

More than just a night out

The most social and fun experience the city has to offer! Meet tons of new people while playing a custom designed and one-of-a-kind interactive game via Pub Story mobile app. On 23rd of January, we’ll be at Zaytung Zone. To celebrate togetherness and to live a night to remember. You’ll tell the stories afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions and Warnings

- Yes, you can come alone. You’ll have more fun.

- You can also come with your friends. You’ll still have loads of fun.

- This is a very entertaining party. Please don’t confuse it with boring and insincere meet and greet parties.

- Make sure that you have a fully charged phone and a full Internet package. You have to use your phone (hence our mobile app) to play the game.

- We advise that you come to the event half an hour early, it helps to get used to the environment and avoid the lines at the door.

- Phones with Android operating systems and versions below 5.0 can not run Pub Story mobile app. The game can not be played with these devices.

- Venues reserve the right not to let in persons who aren’t found fit for the event. Ticket fees are refunded to the persons concerned.

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