Pub Story: Are You In? | San Francisco

Pub Story: Are You In? | San Francisco

05 Dec 2018, Wed @ 21:05
Blackbird | San Francisco, California

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A new and brave kind of entertainment is here!

Have you heard about the latest hottie in town? We are called Pub Story and we are -excuse our humbleness- absolutely amazing!

We challenge the normal.

Challenge the routine.

Challenge 'em all.

With the aim of creating a unique social experience, we set out to create the perfect combination of digital and analog entertainment. A new and brave invention, Pub Story, is a custom designed interactive mobile game app which makes meeting new people more fun and easier than ever. We will take you out of the ordinary and pave the way to something extraordinary!

So, what are you waiting?

Get in the game.

Challenge those around you.

Meet up and play around.

Create unique experiences with unforgettable stories to tell.

Pick up the social call!


Tickets are on sale online. Find them at

Regular tickets are $15.

If you leave the planning to last minute or a spontaneous human being help yourself at the door with tickets sold at $20.


We’ll be at the Blackbird Bar, on 2124 Market Street, San Francisco.

Date / Time?

Wednesday, December 5, 2018
08:30 PM – 10:00 PM

The Name?

What better name can it have than “Are You In”? We named the event after Incubus’ inviting and catchy song. The lyrics say it all:

“It’s so much better
When everyone is in
Are you in?”

Answers to FAQ

  • Yes. We said “mobile game app”. You can download it on App Store or Play Store. Unfortunately, phones operating on Android systems with versions below 5.0 can not run Pub Story mobile app. The game can not be played with these devices.
  • Make sure that you have a fully charged phone and a full data package. You have to use your phone (hence our mobile app) to play the game and to participate.
  • Venues reserve the right not to let in persons who aren’t found fit for the event. Ticket fees are refunded to the persons concerned.
  • You must be at least 21 years old to attend.
  • Who should come?

        Everybody who agrees that meeting new people is beautiful, necessary and heart opening! Just one person can make the whole difference in the world, can cause new adventures and we are in love with this possibility. Unfortunately we tend to neglect these and even though almost everyone enjoys meeting new people we seem to avoid the actual experience in our everyday lives.

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